warden protocol

modular l1 to deploy omnichain-ai

Unlike many of our other partners, Warden Protocol was already a solid and well-established project when we arrived. With a team of veterans, we didn't need to go through the project's core concept, tokenomics, or DA (branding); we just had to roll over an already clear path.
Still, as usual, our involvement went beyond pure marketing limits and extended deep into the creation of exceptional assets. From articles and guides, white papers, multi-gamified campaigns, and dashboard setups to high-quality video productions,
Discover how we bootstrapped Warden from 4k to 100k followers in a couple of months.

build the narrative
strong assets amplify engagement

As our common first action, building a series of assets along with establishing the narrative, will help the project stand out, clarify intention, and prepare an audience that will immediately convert when the dashboard will be ready.Key Assets were the priority such as: WhitePaper, Website,  Guide article for the Airdrop, Visual illustration of core concept (Monolith vs Modular artichecture), Partner Round and video production. All of these element included every step of creation process, from writing, Design UI/UX, to integration



skyrocket the metrics
after 3weeks campaign only

When all the necessary resources are at our disposal, achieving outstanding performance is only a matter of time. These results were achieved immediately after taking Warden under Slime's wings. The campaign was an innovative marketing move never seen in the market before, using guild.xyz not the way it was intended to, but as a pre-dashboard platform (as our the dashboard was not deploy yet .This gathered various layers (Zealy, Galxe, and Farcaster) of quests into one unified place. Our initiative, despite technical challenges, was crowned with resounding success.

marketing moove

from 4.7 to 27,7k
Twitter Follower


over 400k Likes

From 3.6 to 25,6
Discord Members


5780 bookmarked

First 3weeks Results
Multi-Layer Gamified Campaign
Guild.xyz + Zealy + Galxe + Farcaster

dashboard and stacking
UI/UX creation and integration

We played here one of our best card: Building the Stacking and Dashboard pages, from Acquisition Strategy, Quest & rewards Architecture, tokenomics, Design, marketing operations to full deployment, every steps was cover on a filed that we already mastered