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Versatile set of skills and services that will best fit your needs

Our worldwide marketing team is like an upgraded piece of your business that you can add or remove at any moment.
Our decentralized approach means we can provide customized marketing solutions that fit your needs with experts in every fields:

Blockchain Expertise and Product Advisory

No matter the technical complexity of your project, our role is to make it market fit.

Tokenomics Design

Your token is the delicate heart of your project; we transform it into a powerful and resilient organ.

Community Bootstraping & Growth

Regardless of the project’s progress, we accompany you to the next level.

Branding & Creative Design

Your artistic direction is intrinsic to you; we give it a second layer of beauty.

KOL & PR Campaign

best profiles at best rates, for campaign with Clear and trasnparent reportingA project is an idea and a team; we assist you in finding the best profiles.

Fundraising, investment and listing

Your project needs to be seen and accessible. We connect you with the indispensable players in the market.

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jonathan quali

ceo & co-founder
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alex Q.

coo & co-founder
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Social Manager
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Florian G


frequently asked questions

How can I indulge in luxury marketing ?

We specialize in nurturing early-stage projects. We help you raise the bar, committing ourselves fully at 100%. Partnering with you is a bet on your success.

What is SLIME's core business ?
SLIME is your decentralized marketing agency; our team members seamlessly integrate into your project like modular pieces tailored to your needs.
What makes us unique ?
SLIME stands out for its quality support, embracing your vision. Our experts provide a premium experience with extraordinary responsiveness.
How can I become your partner ?
Being selective is our secret. When we choose a project, it's to enhance and unleash its full potential. No hidden fees, just a partnership built on conviction.
What is your specialty ?
Bringing your vision to life is our mission. The younger your project, the easier it is to shape the product. From inception to its peak, that's the path we're accustomed to treading.
How can I benefit from top-tier marketing ?
We specialize in supporting projects in their startup phase. We are committed to helping you set the bar higher by giving our 100% in every partnership. By teaming up with us, we invest in your success, which minimizes your expenses without compromising the quality of our support.